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Pawlansky Apartments Nearby Attractions

Malá Strana (Little Quarter)

Almost too picturesque for its own good, the baroque district of Malá Strana (Little Quarter) tumbles down the hillside between Prague Castle and the river. It's quieter here than the Old Town and you will find many pretty parks and gardens and palaces here. 

Picturesque it may be, but Malá Strana is also a place of great parks where locals relax during lunch breaks. The most famous is Kampa park. One of the city's favourite chill-out zones and home to the modern art collections of the Kampa Museum. A popular spot on Kampa park for after-work drinks among local artists, journalists and politicians is Mlýnská Kavárna. 


​2-5 minutes walking distance from the apartment

Prague Little Quarter, Tourist Attraction
Charles Bridge Prague, Tourist Attraction, Little Quarter

Charles Bridge


The bridge was completed in 1390, and took Charle's name only in the 19th century - before that it was known as Stone Bridge. In was badly damaged in the floods of 1890 when three of the arches collapsed. Pedestrian-only was made the bridge after WWII.

Scrolling across Charles Bridge is everybody's favourite Prague activity. With this array of jazz bands, buskers, artists and postcard sellers, is a smorgasbord of free entertainment. Don't forget to look at the bridge itself. Wake up early and enjoy the empty Charles Bridge at 6AM.  

5-10 minutes walking distance from the apartment

Prague Castle


The hilltop neighbourhood of the apartments encompassing the Prague Castle, the cultural and historical heart of the old Bohemian kingdom and the modern Czech state. It's Prague most popular attraction and there are plenty of things to see. It dominate the city centre like a fairy-tale fortress.

Whole complex and surrounding streets can be packed during the day but empties out by night. 

15 minutes walking distance from the apartment

Prague Castle, Tourist Attraction

Kampa Park and John Lennon Wall

Kampa is an 'island' and is the most peaceful and picturesque part of Malá Strana. And our most favourite place too...:-) 

It was once farmland, but in the 13th century Prague's first mill was built here, and other mills followed.

After his murder on 8 December 1980, John Lennon became a pacific hero for many young Czechs. An image of Lennon was painted on a wall in a secluded square, along with political graffiti and Beatles lyrics. The secret police never managed to keep the wall cleaner long, and the Lennon Wall became a political focus for Prague youth. The wall is the property of the Knights of Malta, and they have repainted it several times, but it soon gets covered with more images and peace messages.

5 minutes walking distance from the apartment

Prague, John Lennon Wall, Tourist Attraction, Little Quarter, Kampa Park

Old Town Square


The origins of Old Town date back to the 10th century, when a marketplace and settlement grew up on the east bank of the river.

Prague's Old Town Hall, founded in 1338, is a hotchpotch of medieval buildings presided over by a tall Gothic tower with a splendid Astronomical Clock. The clock is one of Europe's best-known tourist attraction and you can watch the Astronomical Clock every hour in action.

The town hall has several historic attractions, and host art exhibitions. 

15 minutes walking distance from the apartment

Old Town Square Prague, Tourist Attraction Prague
Jewish Town Prague, Jewish Quarter Prague, Tourist Attraction

Jewish Quarter


Six Jewish monuments clustered together in Josefov now constitute the Prague Jewish Museum, holding what is probably the world's biggest collection of sacred Jewish artefacts, many of them rescued from demolished Bohemian synagogues. 

Old Jewish Cemetery is Europe's oldest surviving Jewish graveyard. Founded in the early 15th century, it has a palpable atmosphere and is one of Prague's most popular sights.

15 minutes walking distance from the apartment

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